Abstract & Op-Art


Ro Martinez is a self taught Abstract and Op-Art artist. A native of Barranquilla, Colombia, she lives and works in Tampa, FL.

She discovered her love for art in 1980 after painting two large murals as part of her school’s art program. Ro took a break from art to pursue a career as a commercial model and actor. During her 30+ year successful career she was featured in magazines, billboards and newspapers as well as in countless commercials.

Ro returned to her love for painting in 2017 after receiving two commissions. She has had three solo shows.

The artist works with acrylics in her signature black and white Op-Art mixing a rainbow of colors to create unique pieces. She hopes to bring joy with her inspirational hearts and butterfly Collection.

Her book; Modeling at Any Age led to Ro publishing over 100 articles in 5 publications on the subject of fashion, health and the benefits of art on the mind and body.

Follow her on Instagram @romartinezart